Design Technology Gcse Coursework Examples

Y11 Resistant Materials – Matthew’s

This student has designed his project around the work of the deconstructional  architect Zaha Hadid. He has used metal and hard wood as the main material mediums.

Y11 Textiles – Olivia’s

This student has used the colour palette of Africa to inspire her work

Y11 Textiles – Kelly’s

This student has used Art Deco and Egyptian Art to inspire her work

Year 11 Textiles – Hannah’s

This student has researched the Arts and Crafts movement to help inspire her work.

Year 11 – Textiles – Aimee’s

This student has used knowledge from her Health & Social Care studies to promote an understanding of the clients needs.

Year 10 – Product Design – Abbie’s

Abbie carried out her GCSE in one year. She has used textiles as the material area for her Product Design major coursework – A Grade. This student has used primary research from her trip to the Clothes Show Live 2009 to help develop the project.

Year 11 – Product Design Jamie’s

Product Design using Food as the material area – B Grade

Year 11 – Jessica’s

Product Design using Food as the material area – A Grade

Year 11 –  Emma’s

Product Design using Textiles as the material area – C Grade. This student has used prior learning from KS3 to help inspire her work.

Like this:



The folder is easy -

A web diagram to show how the projects he might do have been searched fro - Cover a range - home work toys leisure with typical projects in each category. For the Robot select toys and expand to investigate what might be involved;
Micro - picaxe - Arduaino - Basic Stamp. Motors driver, Motors , gear boxes, Wheels, LEDs, Body work, Plastics, Modelling, Infra red control, radio control, wire control, Intelligent robots. Object avoidance, Light seeking, line following.
End user and their needs/expectations, Safety,

From this he can create a brief. This is a description of the problem he is trying to solve. (NOTE not the solution)
From the Brief and the analysis he will know what to research, his research should be very focused on what he needs (hence the analysis), work from several sources, books, internet, magazines.
from the research he can formulate a specification. This is his solution to the brief. It should describe the functionality of the product. i.e. what it must do, perhaps what it might do as well as any safety issues.

From the specification he can produce some ideas (perhaps 10 or so) of how he can go about doing the things it says the product will do.

From the best of his ideas he can select those things that will go into the final product - the development. this includes orthographic drawings of every part he has to make. A plan for manufacture and a costings chart. and some 3D modelling.

MAke it

test the product against the specification.

Evaluate the project over all highlighting good points and bad points and any issues you had and how you solved them. Try to show how you think the product could be improved with a few sketches to cover those issues.

Job done A* ;)

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