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Dear Mr/Ms [NAME]

I am writing to apply for the Очень Example Of University Student Cover Letter все этой | Невероятно, но факт. position advertised on SEEK.com.au.

I am a motivated and enthusiastic person with a passion for caring for others and a strong interest in mental health. I have completed my first year of a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology at Golden University, and I intend to pursue a career in mental health.

My appointment to managerial roles at Green’s Grocer and BurgerBreak demonstrates my excellent organisational and communication skills, and my effectiveness in training staff members and building a positive team environment. My real passion, however, has been my work in the mental health sector.

I found my volunteer work with children with disabilities at Newton’s School both challenging and rewarding. In this role, I assisted students in literacy and numeracy by participating in one-on-one reading programs and developing and supervising sporting activities. The position required patience, understanding and flexibility to allow each child to succeed at their individual level of ability.

As part of my volunteer work answering calls at the ReachOut Centre, I completed Helpline training, which included suicide intervention strategies. This role developed my ability to listen effectively and communicate in a clear, calm manner. It also provided me with a working knowledge of the mental health services available to individuals suffering from anxiety and depression.

I approach all my work with an enthusiastic, professional attitude and I look forward to utilising my skills in a new and challenging environment. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and experience with you in further detail.

Kind regards

Laura Del Ray

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