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The revolution will not take place in a classroom

At the turn of the twentieth century educational theorists were quite open about the fact that they were designing schools for the purpose of adapting children to the new industrial order.  Children must shed their “savage” wildness, these pedagogues maintained, and develop “civilized” habits like punctuality, obedience, orderliness, and efficiency...


What the modern world has forgotten about children and learning

Any wildlife biologist knows that an animal in a zoo will not develop normally if the environment is incompatible with the evolved social needs of its species. But we no longer know this about ourselves. We have radically altered our own evolved species behavior by segregating children artificially in same-age peer groups instead of mixed-age communities, by compelling them to be indoors and sedentary for most of the day...


How "learning styles" became a myth.

We're all familiar by now with the strategies of those who have attempted to deny the scientific consensus about climate change.   But there’s a reverse misuse of science currently in play, on issues from GMO's to phonics and learning styles — the claim there is scientific consensus where there is no such thing, that an open, ongoing area of scientific inquiry has reached a settled conclusion, and that anyone who disagrees about this is as irrational and “anti-science” as a climate denier...


On "whites in shining armor,"and the toxic fantasy of saving the world with schools

When we put children from traditional rural areas into school, what we’re doing is transitioning them from a non-cash agricultural economy where nobody gets rich but nobody starves into a hierarchical system of success and failure in which some lives may get “better,” but others will get much, much worse.  Guess which club has more members?  Welcome, boys and girls, to the global economy.


An Unschooling Primer

Many of us have difficulty explaining the concept of unschooling, life learning, or self-directed learning to those who are unfamiliar with it.  In an attempt to help unschoolers communicate their way of looking at things to the wider community, we have come up with the following helpful worksheet in two parts.


On power, knowledge and common sense

We are so accustomed to centralized control over learning that it has become functionally invisible to us, and most people accept it as natural, inevitable, and consistent with the principles of freedom and democracy.   We assume that this central authority, because it is associated with something that seems like an unequivocal good – “education” – must itself be fundamentally good, a sort of benevolent dictatorship of the intellect....

I'm pleased to announce three writing classes beginning in March; one at the Bobby Pearse Community Center in Greenville, and two at the Fine Arts Center of Easley. 


Fiction 101 is geared towards the serious adult or young adult who has dreamed of writing fiction but didn’t have the tools to pursue that goal. Each class will include a short lecture, writing activities, feedback, and discussion. In a fun, informal manner I provide a blend of information and hands-on learning experiences. Students will leave excited to work on their story.

The course will meet at the  community center for six weeks from 1- 4 PM. Class begins on March 3, skips March 31 because of Easter break and ends on April 14. Each class is $45.00 for City of Greenville residents and $50.00 for non-City residents. If you sign up for the entire course, you will receive one free class. City of Greenville residents: $225.00; non-City: $250.00.  Registration caps at 15 so hurry and sign up here (under “Adult” programming).

March 3    Muscle Words, Revision, Genres, Characterization

March 10   Sensory Settings and World Building

March 17   Plot and Structure

March 24   Beginnings and Scenes

April    7    Suspense, Tension, and Endings

April   14   Organization, Research, Your Path to Publication

A great space for a writing workshop!


Fiction Genre Writing for Kids

Do your kids dream up stories about space aliens or unicorns conquering the world? Do they enjoy mysteries and wonder how to write one? Does the past capture their imagination and they create stories about lords and ladies? Or, do they prefer sports fiction and want to create a dream team of their own?

If these scenarios describe your kids, then they will love my genre writing class in which they create a mini-story in each genre. Although emphasis is on creative writing, students will learn skills that they can apply to expository writing.

$100/month for a 90-minute class beginning Grades 4-10. Beginning March 6; class runs from  4-5:30 PM. Fine Arts Center of Easley. (Click on "Sign Up" button and the registration form downloads to your computer). Or call 864-442-6027. Family discounts available.

Adult Writing Class- Part I

For beginning and intermediate writers. Students will be introduced to the building blocks of short fiction. Each 2-hour class will include a short lecture, writing activities, feedback, and discussion.

March 6: Characterization and point of view

March 13: Sensory settings

March 20: Conflict and Tension

April 3 Plot and Structure

Class is $100/a month for adults and young adults. Fine Arts Center of Easley. (Click on "Sign Up" button and the registration form downloads to your computer). Or call 864-442-6027. Family discounts available.


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