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Professor David Singleton,

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

This new series will bring together titles dealing with a variety of aspects of languageacquisition and processing in situations where a language or languages other than thenative language is involved. Second language will thus be interpreted in its broadestpossible sense. The volumes included in the series will all in their different waysoffer, on the one hand, exposition and discussion of empirical findings and, on theother, some degree of theoretical reflection. In this latter connection, no particulartheoretical stance will be privileged in the series; nor will any relevant perspective –sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic, neurolinguistic, etc. – be deemed out of place. Theintended readership of the series will be final-year undergraduates working onsecond language acquisition projects, postgraduate students involved in secondlanguage acquisition research, and researchers and teachers in general whoseinterests include a second language acquisition component.

Other Books in the Series

Age and the Acquisition of English as a Foreign Language

 María del Pilar García Mayo and Maria Luisa García Lecumberri (eds)

Effects of Second Language on the First

Vivian Cook (ed.)

Learning to Request in a Second Language: A Study of Child InterlanguagePragmatics

 Machiko Achiba

Portraits of the L2 User

Vivian Cook (ed.)

Silence in Second Language Learning: A Psychoanalytic Reading

Colette A. Granger

Other Books of Interest

Audible Difference: ESL and Social Identity in Schools

 Jennifer Miller

Context and Culture in Language Teaching and Learning

 Michael Byram and Peter Grundy (eds)

Cross-linguistic Influence in Third Language Acquisition

 J. Cenoz, B. Hufeisen and U. Jessner (eds)

Developing Intercultural Competence in Practice

 Michael Byram, Adam Nichols and David Stevens (eds)

English in Europe: The Acquisition of a Third Language

 Jasone Cenoz and Ulrike Jessner (eds)

How Different Are We? Spoken Discourse in Intercultural Communication

 Helen Fitzgerald

Language and Society in a Changing Italy

 Arturo Tosi

Languages in America: A Pluralist View

Susan J. Dicker

Language Learners as Ethnographers

Celia Roberts, Michael Byram, Ana Barro, Shirley Jordan and Brian Street

Please contact us for the latest book information:Multilingual Matters, Frankfurt Lodge, Clevedon Hall,Victoria Road, Clevedon, BS21 7HH, England

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