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Ryan MorrisCollege EnglishMr. Neuburger Date 9-9-08Research Paper The Story of the HolocaustThe big mistake started on January 30, of 1933 when Germany appointed Adolph Hitler as chancellor of Germany. Shortly after Hitler assumed the role as chancellor, the wheels beganchurning in motion to begin a terrible tragedy. The tragedy, known as “The Holocaust,” targeteda variety of people, primarily the Jewish race, killing them in several different ways. Accordingto the research of University of South Florida, approximately eleven million people died duringthis disaster. This terrible tragedy brought death upon enough people to consider it a mass killing.The types of people targeted in this disaster were the Jewish, gypsies, African Americans,homosexuals, socialist, political enemies, communist, and the mentally disabled. (Par 1). Hitler and his staff developed many different ways to kill many people, and in the end perfectedeverything. Many people do not really grasp the concept or reasoning of the Holocaust. In order for one to truly understand the Holocaust, one must understand the Nazi’s motivations, the lack of resistance to the Nazi regime, and the Germans’ innovations for killing a mass number of Jews. However, one thing many people should realize is that the mastermind behind it all was avery intelligent, deceitful, and persuasive person.Hitler’s tirade began when he was a younger child. At the age of nine, he became veryintrigued by the topic of German Nationalism; so interested he became a German soldier. Heserved in World War one. While he was lying in a hospital bed after he had been temporarilyMorris 1

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Things that I learned from Notes and Mrs. Dekelbaum"s speech.

From Mrs. Dekelbaum"s speech, I learned that the Holocaust happened 6 years before World War 2. I learned that during the Holocaust, more than six million Jews, and four million non-Jews, were killed by the Nazis. The non-Jews that were killed in the Holocaust were, gypsies, homosexuals, disabled people, ill people, relatives of Jewish people, and people who helped the Jews. There is a saying about the Holocaust that says, "Not all victims were Jewish, but all Jews were victims." There was a girl named Pearl. She went through nine concentration camps, and survived. Pear was the first Jew to have a baby who survived, and do to that, it brought more hope, and new life, to other Jewish people. Mrs. Dekelbaum was the baby. She said that during the holocaust, more than 1 and a half million children, under twelve, died. Only one out of ten Jews, survived. Poland, out of all other countries in the world, lost the most Jews. She said that neighbors, and friends of Jews turned on them and helped cause the Holocaust. At a concentration camp, Jews were ordered to make a sign saying, "You could earn your freedom from work." When they did that, they made one letter into a secret message telling the Jews that it was a bad place, where they die.
In class from the notes I learned that, World-wide depression had many Germans out of work, and they were hungry. Because of that, the Germans elected Hitler, as Chancellor of Germany in 1933. That year, Hitler began a boycott of Jewish business. The Jews lost their jobs in government and public services. Jewish children got segregated form school. All Jewish people received a curfew. Hitler blamed the Depression on the Jews, and they became scapegoats. In 1935 laws were pasted saying that Jews were no longer citizens, and that marriage between Jews and Aryans was forbidden. On March, 1938, Germans troops occupied Austria. On November, 1938, the Crystal Night happened. During that night, Germans burned and looted synagogues all over Germany. On September, 1939, Germany invaded Poland in "Lighting War," and War was declared. The same year, England and France became Allies against Germany. On July 1942, Deportation of Holland"s Jews began. They were send to either Auschwitz, or Sobibor, which were death camps in Poland. Today, the Secretary of State is Jewish, and she never knew that. Her family background was from Slovakia, where 83% of the Jews died. She was raised as a Catholic, and her parents never told her she was Jewish. There was a Hidden Child Foundation, which was a place for Hidden Jews to come too. In conclusion, I think that it was very tough to be Jewish during the Holocaust.


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