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I wonder if you have noticed that those patent databases all cannot search patents by geographical location in a specific country. Patent intelligence is a market intelligence, and geographical location is a vital key for market intelligence. I have created a weekly updated due diligence database of US patent holders in the geographical locations (provinces/cities) of Canada, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. There is a Q&A about my research posted on the following website:

I analyzed 150,000+ US patents granted to Canadian and Chinese entities to distill this due diligence database of 10,000+ Chinese US patent holders and 6,000+ Canadian US patent holders. This database is synchronized with USPTO database on a weekly basis, and can give you the latest US patent holding ecosystem in a specific province/city of Canada and Chinese territories. This is not a software program, but information source with contents organized by geographical location.



Espacenet: free access to over 100 million patent documents

Espacenet bibliographic and full-text data coverage

Espacenet bibliographic and character-coded full-text data coverage information can be found on the webpages Latest bibliographic coverage and Latest full-text coverage , both of which are updated daily.

These pages show you at a glance the total number of publications for which bibliographic and character-coded full-text data is available. They also feature hyperlinks to Espacenet for the first and latest publications for each country and kind code type and use green highlighting to indicate publications containing data that has changed since the previous day. What is more, you can use filters to show only the changes.

Documents that support full-text searching in Espacenet are character-coded publications available in English, French or German, as covered on the page Latest full-text coverage .

Access to Global Dossier and links to the European Patent Register and national registers

The Espacenet interface displays Global Dossier icons and links to registers for certain authorities providing access to the Global Dossier and to register information, respectively. In order to avoid any ambiguity, access to Global Dossier and links to the registers have been separated. When you click on a Global Dossier icon, the behaviour is the same as in the European Patent Register. For links to a national register, the respective national (or EP) register window will open where links/pages are available. For authorities/documents where no link to a register is available, no link will be displayed. The Global Dossier link, when available, is displayed in the content area of the bibliographic view and in the INPADOC family view.

The Global Dossier service has now been extended to encompass further authorities participating in the WIPO CASE initiative. In addition to patent application dossiers, ("file wrappers") from the world's five largest patent offices, it now also includes public dossiers from the Canadian Patent Office as well as PCT applications. The bibliographic and full text-coverage tables have been improved to indicate changes in coverage. Result list sorting by publication date is now available.

For more details, please see the release notes

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